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Wellness Massage 

This is a basic massage geared toward relaxation.  A combination of Swedish, deep tissue massage,  and aromatherapy.  Clients looking for this massage wants a monthly maintenance for stress management and has tension.

60  minute  $115

90 minute   $145

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Prenatal Massage 

This massage is geared to the female client’s needs and goals as it pertains to pregnancy and after pregnancy. The pregnant mother is propped up with pillows for her comfort in a side lying position. We may use techniques to help induce or prepare for labor naturally around 38 to 40 weeks. We can use deep tissue and Swedish techniques during this time. The client can book a prenatal even in the first trimester.

60 minute $115

90 minute $145

Sports Massage

This massage is intended for clients who are very active in the gym, playing competitive sports, training to for triathlons, or marathon races.  Modalities used are Swedish and deep tissue, and massage cupping to prevent injuries, increase athletic performance and reduce DOMS (Delay onset of muscular soreness).  

60 minute $115

90 minute $145

Clinical Massage

This massage is intended for clients with chronic pain or  injury or for acute pain relief using modalities that are specialized such as Spinal Reflex Therapy, Myofacial Release, and Neuromuscular Trigger Point, and Massage Cupping. Medical Massage or Orthopedic Massage.  Massage prescribed by a Physician can be used for FSA or HSA or to claim on insurance.  Insurance Coded Receipt is given when requested.

60 minute $125

90 minute $155

120 minute $215

Manual Lymph Drainage

This modality is an ultra-gentle manual treatment to move lymph fluid throughout the body to relieving congestion in an area and reduction of swelling in the limbs and other parts of the body. The therapist uses a specific sequence of manual movement and breathing techniques used by the client. This is good for clients with post-surgery whether elective or not or after a plane ride or sickness.

30  min $70

45 min  $95

60 min $115


Reiki is a ancient Japanese energy healing and spiritual practice that was introduced by Dr. Usui in the early 1900s.  It is used to promote relaxation and stress reduction to facilitate body's own healing.  Reiki means universal life force energy.  Some of the benefits include sense of well being, calm, peacefulness and security. 

Reiki stand alone 60 min $100

Reiki add on with any massage 30 min $50

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