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Frequently Asked Questions

For my first appointment, should I arrive at my appointment time?

For your first appointment, you should arrive 15 mins early to fill out an intake prior to your schedule session. It's also a good idea to use the restroom prior as well.

What do you specialize in?

Chronic pain management and injury recovery.

How long are each sessions?

I offer a 45 min, 60 min, and 90 min. They are full session times on the table. So arrive a bit earlier before your scheduled session.

Do you offer parking or where do we park?

When you arrive at the building on N Pitt St, on the side, there is a parking lot, you can park in the lot or on the side street.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes I am

How much time is allowed for late arrivals before you cut time?

15 mins

I see you offer massage cupping and I never had it before but I have seen on TV with the Olympians. What are those marks? Are they bruises? Does it hurt? What types of cupping do you offer?

Yes, I offer massage cupping and they are silicone cups which allows me to move them without causing a lot of discomfort. The discoloration on the skin are not bruises but the marks are toxic blood that comes up to the surface when being worked on. It just tells the therapist that the tissues are inflamed. Sometimes it doesn't leave marks.

Where are you located and are you wheelchair accessible?

I work inside Synergy Float Center 1240 N Pitt St basement or lower level Alexandria, VA.

In the parking lot, there is a side entrance leading you to go downstairs. We are wheelchair accessible. If you need the elevators, go in front of the building and take the elevators down to the lower level.

Do you offer couples massage or massage for multiple people at the same time?

No, it will have to be back to back because I'm the only therapist in that space.

What are you doing to keep clients safe from Covid-19?

I am continuously following CDC guidelines.  The updated version is fully vaccinated clients have the choice of wearing a mask or not wearing one.  I won't be wearing my mask unless the client isn't vaccinated yet for their own comfort.  If you wish you can request for me to wear a mask for your own comfort.  If you are showing symptoms, please call and cancel the appt and stay home until there are no symptoms or showing a negative test.

What are you cancellation policy if you are sick or have an illness that needs emergency care?

If you are sick with an infection or have a medical emergency, I won't charge a cancellation fee. Just give me a call or text 571-205-5869 or you can call the facility at 571-319-0355 if you are able to.

Do you accept gratuities?

Yes. However, it’s customary.